Next Telecom is built on service

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Putting the customer first. 
It’s a different way of doing business.

Next Telecom is an established telecommunications Service Provider working with Small Medium Business (SME), Medium Business (SMB) and corporate clients. Our mission is to provide the best service levels in the industry, delivered through excellent account management rather than a call centre.

Anybody can make a good-quality product for a high price, or a poor-quality product for a low price, but to make good products at good prices, you need to develop methods that are both cost-effective and innovative.

Instead of a network-centric or product centric business model, we focus on providing the best match of products with your business, and back it up with service that wins awards, including the 2011/2012/2013/2015 Gold Medals for Excellence in Service as well as the 2013/2014 Acomms Awards for commitment to service corporate-business.

Our promise

  • Our products are professionally designed to ensure we deliver what we promised and there is no chance of misrepresentation.
  • There are no barriers between sales and provisioning at Next Telecom, because communication is the key to our satisfied customers.
  • We ensure your money is spent on service that is guaranteed to perform - as it should in any service industry.

Our commitment

  • We provide a written guarantee to respond to any enquiry within a business day.
  • Our staff have been instructed to ensure emails, phone calls and written correspondence are responded to within this time frame.
  • We offer 100% commitment to service and proactive care for the life of our client.

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