Cloud Hosted PABX

The reliable Voice Over IP / VoIP Hosted PABX solution that delivers high performance

With Cloud PABX your business will get the benefit of a host of additional elements, minus the hassle and expense

Next Advantage™ is a sophisticated, high definition voice platform with all the functionality of a traditional phone system. It does away with the hassle and expense of maintaining your traditional business phone system.

Cloud Hosted PABX Phone Systems NZ

When you choose one of our cloud PABX phone systems, you'll be working with one of the leading providers in NZ. We have extensive experience modernising and improving the telephony and communication systems in businesses across the country. We work with businesses of all sizes too, as well as in a wide range of industries.

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Cloud PABX Solutions New Zealand

Cloud PABX systems are flexible and highly reliable. Our solutions will also save you money while giving you the features your business needs.

For a start, you won't have to invest in expensive equipment. This reduces your costs upfront as well as into the future as you also won't have the problem of PABX equipment becoming old and obsolete.

You won't have to allocate resources to maintain the equipment either. Plus, our team will set everything up, saving you even more.

The monthly costs of a cloud PABX solution are more manageable than the alternatives too. So, if you want to save money on your PABX system while ensuring you have the features you need today and into the future, contact us at Next Telecom.

Call today on 0800 00 6398 to speak to a member of our team.

Flexible and Scalable

Reduced costs and minimal maintenance are just two of the advantages of moving to a cloud PABX solution. The other main advantage is the fact that a cloud PABX system will effectively deliver on the requirements of your business.

So, instead of your business adapting to the limitations of a PABX system, you can get the features and functionality you need. This includes features not available on a traditional PABX system.

Cloud PABX solutions are easily scalable too, ensuring you have the capacity you require without paying for anything you don’t.

Call today on 0800 00 6398 to speak to a member of our team.

Features & Benefits

More flexibility

Minimal internal IT support required.

Peace of mind with assured business continuity.

Easily scalable and upgradable network.

Enhanced features compared to a traditional PBX

Reduced costs

Reduced capital expenditure, shifted to operational expenditure.

No expensive hardware to purchase or maintain.

Lower total cost of ownership and manageable monthly costs.

Free on-net calls. Lower local, national and fixed-to-mobile calls.

Unified Communication

Improved productivity and ease of access by all users, regardless of location.


Flexible working options with potential to become truly mobile.

Portable phone features and same-number contact ability anywhere

Disaster recovery & business continuity

Built-in, customisable business continuity tools to protect vital communications from outages and natural disasters.

Central management

Online portal for easy network management.


Instant ability to change network and features according to business needs.

Our IP Telephony platform includes:

  • Mobile phone integration
  • Unified messaging
  • Desktop integration (voicemail, click-to-dial, etc)
  • Advanced reception functions

Our fully customised, hosted Cloud PABX Solution gives you access to the latest features and functions for a fixed monthly fee, so you’ll never have to pay for an expensive hardware upgrade. It’s technology that supports your business without being the focus of it.

Bullet proof reliability and super easy to administer adds, moves and changes.

Craig Pope
IT Manager
BGH Group

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