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Next Telecom Unified Communications

Unified Communications allows a mobile phone to act like a corporate phone extension

Our unified communications solutions allow for seamless passing of calls between fixed and mobile networks. Imagine if your mobile phone could act like a corporate phone extension with seamless passing of calls between the fixed and mobile networks, without hanging up.

Virtual Phone Numbers NZ

The workplace has changed forever. No longer are you fixed to a single location as broadband, mobile phone technologies, mobile data, and more means you can operate effectively and efficiently from almost anywhere.

What about your phone number, though? After all, you don’t want a situation where a client can’t get hold of you because they called your office number while you weren’t there.

There is an affordable and highly effective solution. With a virtual number, you can be anywhere in NZ and your clients, suppliers, team members, and anyone else will still be able to call you.

They’ll only need one number as well. You simply tell the system which phone you want to route the call to, and the solution will do the rest. This could be your mobile number or a landline in another location. It couldn’t be easier. Call today on 0800 00 6398 to find out more.

Unified Communications Systems New Zealand

Our virtual phone number solutions also give you access to a range of other features, creating a comprehensive unified communications system. This includes virtual receptionist features, integration with applications on your computer or phone, voicemail services, and much more.

Our solutions are adaptable to the needs of your business and they are flexible, whether you have a large team, a highly dispersed team, a small operation, or anything in between.

So, take steps today to ensure you can answer all the important calls that come into your business. Get in touch with us now on 0800 00 6398 to speak to a member of our team.

Features & Benefits

Simultaneous ring

To your workstation phone and mobile.

Shared call appearance

The appearance that all calls are received at your desk phone extension.

Remote office

Allows staff to operate their office phone as normal from any phone in the world.


Can be provided as a system-wide service to every extension, independent of location.

Fax to email service

Virtual faxing service to receive and manage faxes via email.

Voice to email

Direct voicemail retrieval via a handset or via an email inbox as a sound file.

Toolbar integration with MS outlook and web browser

Enables users to make and accept telephone calls and change telephone settings in Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer browsers.

Identify callers from corporate and Microsoft Outlook directories.

Full call control (answer or soft pick-up, hold, end, 3-way conference and transfer or retrieve voicemail).

Toolbar connects to MS Exchange Server and corporate directory systems so that the whole organisation can call one another with a single click, regardless of location.


Provides reception operators with a computer application to manage call routing even for large and very busy switchboards from a desktop.

Dial and transfer calls and email from the single-page application.

Employ the benefits of integration with a number of mail applications (Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, any LDAP richer options for handling a call). Organically route calls across multiple sites.

Operators can see every extension throughout the network and whether it's busy or idle, so calls can be handled intelligently.

Auto Attendant (IVR)

Create customised messages to the caller, such as personal greetings, or hours of operation.

Reliable products, awesome people and after sales service care + light on the pocket.

Shyamal Govind
Financial Controller
Danske Mobler

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