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The Vadacom phone system is fully software-based so your business will never be trapped by the limits of a traditional PBX. Your team and receptionist will love the power and control they get with the unique and easy Vadacom Buddy™ interface.

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Easy power and control

The Vadacom phone system is fully software-based so your business will never be trapped by the limits of a traditional PBX. Your team and receptionist will love the power and control they get with the unique and easy Vadacom Buddy™ interface.

Buddy™ lets you see who’s free to take a call, anywhere:

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Intuitive user interface means less training, faster deployment and increased staff productivity.

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Use call recording options to improve performance or manage business risk.

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Set calls to follow staff when they roam or to redirect to others in the team for maximum efficiency.

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See at a glance the number and length of calls to improve business efficiency.

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Enable your team to save time and improve productivity by sharing their availability to take calls.

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Save travel time and costs with affordable, quality conference calling.

Love your phone system

Bring your team and customers closer

  • Let customers reach you anywhere with just one call - transfer calls from mobiles, reduce phone tag, improve service and efficiency.
  • Radically improve internal communication by letting all staff set their availability, see who’s free to take a call and manage their own call forwarding, wherever they are.

Improve productivity, anywhere

  • Empower your receptionist to control your phone system from a mobile app or web browser, anywhere anytime.
  • Make changes instantly with no waiting for telcos or IT and improve transparency and capacity planning with real-time reports.

Save capex and calling costs

  • Implement a corporate-quality phone-system and PBX within your operating budget. No capex required.
  • Make mobile calls for landlines prices, enjoy affordable, quality conference calling and dramatically lower your other call costs.

With Vadacom, you can even go mobile-only if you choose - no desk phones required.

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A corporate-quality phone system for every business

Easy to use and manage

With the easy Buddy™ interface, your team can set their own availability to take calls, see who’s free for a call transfer, integrate their mobile, desk phone and calendar, record calls, and much more. They can access your phone system securely from any browser or carry Buddy™ with them on their smartphone.

With Vadacom, you can give your office administration team or receptionist the power to manage your phone system themselves. You don’t need to wait for IT help or to battle complex settings. Behind the scenes, we’ll automatically keep your system updated and running smoothly.

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The freedom to change and collaborate

If you’re moving premises or opening new offices, the Vadacom phone system expands and adapts easily. You can

connect remote offices and workers and enable teams to collaborate as if they are in a single location.

With Vadacom, you can enable any of your team to initiate or dial into a phone conference, from anywhere, with dozens of conferences possible at the same time. Voicemail messages can be checked from any phone, or from your PC, and can be received as emails. Detailed call logs and reports help you maximise business performance and control costs.

Give your receptionist more control

Vadacom’s powerful, easy-to-use phone system makes it easy for receptionists to manage inbound calls, transfer to voicemail or check whether staff are available. With remote phone extensions, the ability to turn PCs into softphones and

Vadacom’s mobile functionality, your receptionist can seamlessly direct calls to staff wherever they are. What’s more, your receptionist can manage calls and make changes from a mobile app or web browser, anywhere anytime.

Improve contact centre service and save costs

Give your call centre staff the power to handle enquiries more effectively and achieve significant cost savings in capex and through Voice over Internet pricing. Intuitive for staff to learn and use, Vadacom keeps contact centre deployment costs low and optimises productivity from day one.

Powerful contact centre features include:

  • Unlimited automated attendant prompts, calling queues and hunt groups
  • Visual queues in desktop
  • Intelligent routing and overflows
  • Presence display for seamless internal transfers
  • Customised call wrap up
  • Wall board plus live monitoring and management tools
  • Fulltime voice recording, CDR and reporting

Vadacom aids Xero’s global expansion

High-growth accounting software business, Xero launched using the Vadacom phone system in 2011.

Andrew Jessett, Xero’s Internal IT Manager, says the Vadacom system provided Xero the essential flexibility to grow from 70 to 670 users and expand into international markets.

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“VadaXchange’s cloud-based licensing has made it easy for us to add new people and to turn on or off features as we’ve needed to. One of the real benefits is the ability to enable our end users – such as sales teams – to control their own settings through Buddy™, Vadacom’s web-based control-panel. Buddy™ makes it really simple for them to log themselves in or out of hunt groups, manage their status, access voicemail and all the other features,” says Jessett.

“The system is reliable, very cost-effective and importantly it’s simple to use.”

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