Next Advantage™ Call Centre

Do away with on-site equipment hassles and costs with a feature-rich, hosted contact centre solution

Next Advantage™ Call Centre is a feature-rich, hosted call centre solution that does away with on-site equipment hassles and costs and operates seamlessly across multiple sites via a simple desktop application. Intelligent software routes calls, integrates customer data into a single interface and enables you to optimise outbound and inbound call centre processes.

Choose a Call Centre solution that fits your business and enjoy the functionality, the savings, and the freedom to locate your agents anywhere.

Features & Benefits

More flexibility

Minimal local resources and expertise required to build, manage and support

Easy access to a host of on-demand features

Rapid deployment and implementation - because it’s hosted, getting your business up and running usually takes days instead of months

Reduced costs

Lower operating costs associated with ongoing maintenance, support and upgrades of the system compared to an on-premise solution

No large capital expenditure - lower set-up costs and predictable monthly operational costs

Workforce management

Hosted Contact Centre gives you more flexibility to grow - add departments, add

individuals within a department or to manage your contact centre across multiple off site locations

Forecasting, scheduling and tracking capabilities are simple and allow for better resource management

Contact centre supervisors can reassign agents instantly to new tasks

Staff numbers can be increased or decreased dynamically to cope with changing call volumes

Web interaction management

Web chat functionality can easily be integrated into your contact strategy and forwarded to existing agents, providing an additional point of customer contact

Improved call centre service administration and reporting

Real-time workforce management reporting eliminates the need to integrate service administration reporting data from multiple data sources, enabling effective management of and reporting inbound, outbound, email and web interactions

A user-friendly interface that can be accessed remotely via the internet includes dashboards and reporting that allow you to manage your call centre services efficiently

Dashboards contain real-time information and reports to improve management and give managers total remote, real-time control over call centre services, improving workflow management and business agility

Automatic call distribution

Easy handling of high call volumes through distribution of calls in the most resource effective way, reducing caller hold times

Calls can be distributed according to preferences set, such as:

  • Even distribution across all staff
  • Staff skill level or expertise in a specific area
  • Service level agreements status
Predictive dialling

Maximise the ‘talk time’ of agents using automatic dialling and manage available agents dynamically to coordinate pre-answered calls

Industry averages show that agents making calls manually spend 15 minutes in every hour actually talking to customers. A predictive dialler process increases talk-time to 45 minutes per hour - a three-fold increase in productivity

Inbound voice portal

Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) solutions give the ability to create self-service applications, allowing agents to work on more complex calls that require human input

Outbound voice portal

Automation of outbound calls using any combination of pre-defined scripts

Email management

Better management of email messages through prioritisation, queuing, auto acknowledgement, auto responses and reporting

Call recording

Ability to record all calls of any type, inbound or outbound

The team have been amazing to work with, they are helpful and knowledgeable.

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Call Centre Express

A hosted, virtual solution suitable for small to medium businesses that require receptions or contact agents with Auto Attendant, automatic call distribution and queueing (ACDQ) with reporting capability.

Call Centre Enhanced

Our enhanced solution is suitable for small, medium and large enterprises that require a sophisticated virtual solution.

Call Centre Enhanced adds to the benefits of Call Centre Express with:

  • Client-based agents and supervisors
  • Multiple departments
  • Multiple sites
  • Desk phone integration
  • Desktop client
  • Mobile integrated agents and supervisors
  • Workforce management
  • Weighted call distribution and queueing
  • Call recording integration
  • Historical and real-time reporting capabilities

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