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It’s hard to know what you need to consider when replacing or upgrading communications platforms – Cloud, On-Premise or a Hybrid? Do you need Chat and Video? Are you evolving into Off-Shore? That’s exactly why we’ve researched and partnered with the platforms we believe resonate with New Zealand business requirements.


Don't let your business be trapped by the limits of a traditional PBX — get the fully software-based Vadacom phone system your whole team will love.

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8x8 cloud solutions help businesses transform their customer and employee experience, perfect for professional offices and consultants.

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Access4’s Managed Voice is more than a standard VOIP phone system; it’s a Cloud-based IP telephony solution perfect for retail chains and logistics teams.

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3CX’s all-in-one Unified Communications solution facilitates collaboration, productivity, and mobility, perfect for the education, hospitality and manufacturing industries.

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