Toll Free Number

Maximise sales and enhance the customer service your company delivers

Customers love Toll Free services, so we make them all available to your company

We offer all services and you simply choose. Next Telecom manages some of the largest brands in Australasia for inbound telephony. We provide National 0800 and 0508 services and access to international 1300 and 1800.

Features & Benefits

Choose your number or BYO

Customise to suit your brand strategy and enhance memorability using vanity phone numbers e.g. 0800 00 NEXT

Capacity for multiple extensions

Maintain your brand and avoid customer confusion.

Works on existing phones

Multiple team members can respond to enquiries.

Forward calls to any other number (mobile, local, national, international)

No new hardware is needed

Includes standard features e.g. Follow Me, plus the option to add enhanced features

Enables your team to work from anywhere

Includes analytics and reporting

Enables you to track the success of your various Toll-Free numbers and their usage. E.g. monitor marketing campaigns linked to specific Toll-Free numbers

Three types of Toll Free: National, International, NZ to International

Choose the Toll-Free services that reflect the needs of your customers:

National Toll Free; terminates to NZ fixed/mobile number.

International Toll Free; for calls from customers in another country that terminate to a NZ fixed/mobile number.

NZ Toll Free to International; terminates to an international fixed/mobile number.

Bullet proof reliability and super easy to administer adds, moves and changes.

Craig Pope
IT Manager
BGH Group

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